Megger MIT1025 - 10kV Insultation Resistance Tester

Brand new MIT1025 offers a new compact, light weight 10kV insulation resistance tester for diasnostic and maintenance of high voltage testingn and maintenance of electrical equipment.


Model: MIT1025

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

CAT IV insultation resistance tester MIT1025 allows the operator to measure insulation resistance up to 20TΩ with all test modes including a ramp test plus advanced memory functions with recall to screen, RTC for time/date stamp of results and USB cable interface to PC / PowerDB.

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Key features

Measures up to 30 TΩ
Safety rated up to CAT IV 1000 V to 3000 m
Unique dual-case design - additional user protection
Operates from battery or a.c. mains supply
Rapid charge Li-ion battery
Advanced memory with time / date stamp


The MIT 1025 belongs to a new range of smaller and lighter insulation resistance meters than previous models, but it offers advanced features, longer battery life, and fast charging capabilities. It has the ability to operate powered through the electrical network when the battery is depleted. An intelligent battery charger ensures an optimal charging range based on the battery level, resulting in longer battery life and minimal charging times.

The rugged case provides maximum protection for a portable instrument, and the cable bag with clip ensures that the provided cables remain with the instrument at all times. The case cover is removable for better cable access.

The IP rating with the case closed is IP65, ensuring no moisture enters. Highly reliable, all models are rated as CATIV 600 V. In insulation test mode, five preset voltage ranges are provided, as well as a voltage blocking range that the user can configure, which is useful for repetitive measurements at specific test voltages. All test voltages can be adjusted before and during the test with the up/down buttons. Preconfigured diagnostic tests such as the Polarization Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Step Voltage (SV), and Ramp Test are available along with basic and timed insulation resistance tests. Operation simplicity is achieved with two rotary switches through which the test voltage range and test mode become evident. The large backlit display allows multiple results to be displayed simultaneously, for example, the step voltage test simultaneously displays five step voltage resistance results.

Advanced memory storage includes a date/time indicator of results, data logging, and result retrieval on the screen. A fully isolated USB device interface is used for secure transfer of test records to all versions of Megger's data management software, PowerDB, or popular third-party spreadsheet packages.


Testing voltages
500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V, 10000 V
User-defined test voltage:
5 kV to 10 kV in steps of 25 V
MIT1025 Accuracy (23 ºC, 10 kV)
10 kV
5000 V
2500 V
1000 V
500 V
250 V
±5% a
2 TΩ
1 TΩ
500 GΩ
200 GΩ
100 GΩ
50 GΩ
±20% a
20 TΩ
10 TΩ
5 TΩ
2 TΩ
1 TΩ
500 GΩ
Electrical specifications
Input Voltage Range:
85 to 265 V rms, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA
11.1 V, 5.2 A hour
Battery life:
Typical capacity of 4.5 hours continuous @ 10 kV with a 100 MΩ load
Battery charging time:
2.5 hours from fully discharged,
2 hours with normal discharge
Quick recharge in 30 minutes:
1 hour run time @ 5 kV @ 5 kV 1 hour operating time @ 5 kV, 100 MΩ
Other specifications
Error del 2% al proteger de una fuga de 500 kΩ con una carga de 100 MΩ
Rango de visualización analógico:
de 100 kΩ a 10 TΩ
Rango de visualización digital (MIT1025):
de 10 kΩ a 20 TΩ
Corriente de cortocircuito:
3 mA nominal, máxima potencia en todas las cargas que superan el rendimiento de muchos comprobadores de 5 mA.
Alarma de aislamiento:
de 100 kΩ a 1 GΩ
Carga del condensador (MIT 1025):
<5 segundos por μF a 3 mA hasta 10 kV
Descarga del condensador (MIT 1025):
<500 ms por μF para descargar desde 10000 V a 50 V
Rango de la capacitancia (arriba de 500 V):
de 10 nF a 25 μF (dependiendo del voltaje medido)
Precisión de la capacitancia (23 °C):
±10% ±5 nF
Precisión de voltaje de salida (>200 V, 0 °C a 30 °C):
+4%, -0%, ±10 V prueba de voltaje nominal a 1 GΩ
Rango de medición de corriente:
de 0,01 nA a 6 mA
Precisión de medición de corriente (23 °C):
±5% ±0,2 nA en todos los voltajes
Rechazo de interferencias (ruido):
1 mA por 600 V hasta un máximo de 3 mA
Rango del voltímetro:
30 V a 660 V CA o CC, 50/60 Hz
Precisión del voltímetro:
±3%, ±3 V
Rango del temporizador:
Hasta 99 minutos, configuración mínima de 15 segundos
Capacidad de la memoria:
64 k bytes
Regímenes de prueba:
IR, IR(t), DAR, PI, SV, DD, prueba de rampa
USB tipo B (dispositivo)
Resultado en tiempo real:
USB, 1 lectura/segundo (voltaje, corriente y resistencia)
Environmental conditions
3000 m, Category CAT IV 600V is maintained. >2.000 m
Operating temperature:
-20 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature:
-25 °C to 65 °C
90% relative humidity without condensation at 40 °C
Ingress protection:
IP65 (with cover closed)
90% relative humidity without condensation at 40 °C
Ingress protection:
IP65 (with cover closed),
IP40 (with cover open),
IP40 (with cover closed),
IP40 (with cover open) IP40 (with open lid)
General specifications
Meets the requirements of IEC 61010-1, CATIV 600 V
Meets IEC61326-1
requirements Dimensions:
315 mm length x 285 mm width x 181 mm height
4.5 kg

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