Protective relay testing

En esta categoría encontrará la solución para garantizar un funcionamiento fiable de los relés de proteción, así como de los controles de reciererre durante toda la vida útil de la protección eléctrica.

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DRTS 66 - Automatic relay test set

Relay testing set designed to perform accurate tests on protection relays, transducers and power quality meters (0.1 class)

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DRTS 64 - Automatic relay test set

DRTS 64 comes with 6 Current and 4 Voltage generators plus 1 battery simulator.

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DRTS 34 - Automatic relay test set

The digital relay and meters test system type DRTS 34 is a programmable and automatic current and voltage source, that permits for the automatic test of digital protection relays, such as those used in Medium and High voltage networks, and of energy meters, power quality meters and transducers.

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T1000-PLUS - Secondary injection relay test ser

Secondary injection relay test set which contains thre separe generator, with AC current, AC voltage, DC Voltage, Auxiliary AC voltage, and auxliary DC voltage generator.

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DRTS 33- Automatic relay testing system

DRTS 33: with 3 Current and 3 Voltage generators plus 1 battery simulator

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Megger SVERKER 650 Single Phase Relay Tester

This device offers a current output ranging from 0 to 100A and is suitable for testing a wide range of protection relays. It is designed to be user-friendly, as well as compact and powerful.

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The device offers standalone functionality and is capable of performing both secondary and primary testing, including 3-phase testing for substations.

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Megger Programma SVERKER 750 Relay Testing Sistem

Comprehensive Secondary Testing of Protective Relays: Up to 200A Output Current, EU Regulation Compliance

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