DRTS 64 - Automatic relay test set

DRTS 64 is the most powerful diagnostic test set designed to perform accurate tests on protection relays, transducers, energy and power quality meters. This advanced test equipment is also thought to satisfy all the needs related to commissioning and substation maintenance.

Model: DRTS 64

Producer: ISA

Country of origin: Italy

DRTS 64 comes with 6 Current and 4 Voltage generators plus 1 battery simulator.

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Key features

Testing all relay technologies: electromechanical, solid state, numerical and IEC61850
Manual control with color display
Simultaneously available: 6 Current and 4Voltage plus 1 battery simulator outputs
High current outputs: 6 x 32 A, 3 x 64 A, 1 x 128 A
High power outputs: 6 x 430 VA, 3 x 860, 1 x 1000 VA
High accuracy outputs: better than 0.05%
IEC 61850 protocol interface
USB and Ethernet interface
Pen drive interface
nternal GPS and IRIG-B interface for end-to-end tests
Advanced testing and data management software TDMS
Complete library of relays from the major manufacturers
Highest quality, safety and reliability


DRTS 64 is the leading edge, most powerful and accurate relay, energy meters (class 0.1) and transducers test set manufactured by ISA. The locally and PC controlled test set generates high precision (0.05% accuracy) signals using multiple DSP technology.

Its powerful current outputs (3 x 64 A at 860 VA) and voltage outputs (3 x 300 V at 100 VA) allow to test any type of relays including electromechanical relays.The test sets integrate the IEC 61850 protocol interface for testing relay with Ethernet-based substation communication protocol.

DRTS 64 can be operated directly from the front panel by means of a large color graphical display, a rotary selector, a keypad and function keys. Two PC interfaces, USB and Ethernet, allow to control the test set with the advanced testing software TDMS. It can also be operated by the optional Local Touch Control (touch screen) module that can be used attached or detached from the test set.

DTRS 64 can test all the followin relays
Relay type
Distance relay
Synchronizing device
Under/over-voltage relay
Directional Power relay
Field relay
Reverse phase current relay 46
Phase sequence voltage relay
Incomplete sequence relay
48Instantaneous over-current relay
nverse time over-current relay
Power factor relay
Voltage balance relay
Ground detector relay
Directional over-current relay
Phase angle out of step relay
Automatic reclosing relay
Frequency relay
Pilot wire receiver relay
Lockout relay
Differential protection relay
Voltage directional relay
Power directional relay 92
Tripping relay
Interface Connections
Type of interfaces:
USB, Ethernet, IEC 61850, IRIG-B.
Characteristics of USB interface:
Transmission rate: 3x minimum
Interface cable: 2 meters, included
Characteristics of the ETHERNET interface:
Connector type: RJ-45
Interface cable: 2 meters, included
Characteristics of the IEC61850 interface (optional):
Connector type: RJ-45
Interface cable: 2 meters, included
Characteristics of the IRIG-B connection (optional):
Fiber optic connector, ST type.
Another features of the generator
Internal Memory
256 Mb internal memory suitable to store in the test set approximately 2.000 test results
Pen Drive Interface
It allows saving and recalling local test setting and results
Display - Keypad - Function Keys - Endecoder
One Encoder: digital rotary switch
One Keyboard: 12 keys
Five Function keys
Display: 256 colours, type LED, graphic 320 x 240 pixels; dimension 5.7 inches
Power Supply
Mains power supply: 85 to 264 V AC, sinusoidal, single phase
Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz
- stand-by: less than 150 W;
- maximum load, 115 V supply: 1600 W;
- maximum load, 230 V supply: 2700 W.
Connection: Standard 16 A AC socket.
Weight and Dimensions
Weight: 18 kg (39 lb)
Dimensions without the handle: 150 (h) x 466 (w) x 423 (d) mm (5.9 x 18.3 x 16.9’’)
Accessories Supplied with the Unit
Protective carrying bag
Set of test leads: 12 cables
Power supply cable
Ground connection cable
USB and Ethernet cables
Instruction and maintenance manuals

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