Cable and fault locator

Location of trace location on underground cables for civil works and detecting faults in low voltage cables.

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Radiodetection C.A.T. 4 - Cable and pipe avoidance tool

Advanced digital underground cable/utility locator. Accurately detect underground cables, pipes and structures. Multiple detection modes with different audio indicators.Seamlessly works with the Genny4 signal generator to locate more buried utilities.

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Radiodetection C.A.T4+ - Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Function

Accurately pin-point underground cables, pipes and structures. High contrast, backlit LCD display with Metric or Imperial depth units

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Radiodetection RD8100 - Cable and pipe locator

The Radiodetection RD8100 is designed to offer the maximum precision in the loaclización of traces of cables and pipes for prevention of damage in civil works.

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