Radiodetection C.A.T. 4 - Cable and pipe avoidance tool

Model: C.A.T.4

Producer: Radiodetection

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Advanced digital underground cable/utility locator. Accurately detect underground cables, pipes and structures. Multiple detection modes with different audio indicators.Seamlessly works with the Genny4 signal generator to locate more buried utilities.

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Key features

Accurately detect underground cables, pipes and structures
High contrast, backlit LCD display


Widely used as the tool of choice by professionals around the world involved with working underground, Radiodetection's CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool will help you to easily locate underground buried utilities which generate their own signal.

It is important to note that the CAT4 cable avoidance tool should predominantly be used in conjunction with Radiodection’s Genny4 Signal Generator. This allows for locating hidden utilities that do not generate enough EMF or radio signal for them to be detected by the C.A.T4 alone.

The CAT4 can be purchased with an optional ‘StrikeAlert’ feature when selected from the drop down list above. ‘StrikeAlert’ presents a visible indication of utilities that are located close to the surface of the ground that would present a potential ‘strike’ risk if left undiscovered.

The C.A.T4 can be used effectively in 4 modes; avoidance mode, genny mode, power mode and radio mode:

  • Avoidance mode - simultaneous detection of genny, power and radio signals
  • Power mode – used for detecting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround buried power cables
  • Radio mode – used for detecting long-range radio signals travelling along buried pipes and cables
  • Genny mode – used for solely detecting signals generated by the Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator


The C.A.T4 also features ‘Dynamic Overload Protection’ that filters out unwanted electrical noise commonly found in and around electrical sub-stations and surface mounted HV cables; these can have an adverse affect on the detection of buried utility locations. Signal strength is displayed upon a high-contrast, backlit LCD screen that features a bargraph ‘tidemark’ allowing for quick and easy pin-pointing of hidden utilities.


Locate Performance Sensitivity @1M Good Conditions Poor Conditions
Power Signals 3mA 3 m 2 m
Radio Signals 25μA 2 m 1 m
Genny4 Signals


4 m 2 m


Dynamic Range 120dB @ 10Hz
Dynamic Overload Protection 40dB @ 50hz (automatic)
Locate Accuracy ±10% of depth
Depth Accuracy
(on undistorted signal with no adjacent signals)
Line: 5% 0.1m to 3m (4in to 10ft)
Sonde: 5% 0.1m to 7m (4in to 16ft)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 50°C
Environmental Protection IP54
Batteries 2 x LR20 (D) 1.5V alkaline
Compatible with D type NiMH rechargeable batteries
Data Interface USB 2.0
Recommended Service Interval 1 Year
Warranty Warranty

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