Testing and battery maintenance

Batteries are critical elements within transformer substations, their main task is to store energy that will be used during their backup function intriggering switches and auxiliary services of the substation. Batteries should always be in optimal condition as they depend on the correct energization of elements such as switch control, disconnectors, event logging, etc. Inside the mains we can find batteries of type acid andalkaline. Its maintenance and regular testing of capacity and impedances will help us determine the status and plan future material renewals avoiding.

Testing and battery maintenance 6 products

Battery discharger analyzer

The BDX is an automatic battery discharger/analyzer, designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage, and capacity.

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Battery internal resistance tester

The BT-301 Battery Tester is very effective battery management device for testing battery internal resistance (or conductance) and voltage. It helps you eliminate weak batteries to ensure performance of your battery systems.

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Battery monitoring system

This battery monitoring system is an innovative solution to measure battery condition with communication way of Power Line Carrier (PLC). With multi-frequency measurement, users can monitor and analyze battery in all aspects: internal resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and so on.

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Rectifier battery charger

The MVD_ ASR is an industrial rectifier, designed to supply critical DC loads and to charge any type of battery.

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Battery simulator

The CBX battery simulator has been designed to simulate the batteries of any type, voltage, and capacity. It can be used to test battery charger and other general-purpose power supply or to discharge battery of any type with voltage higher than 24V.The CBX can operate at constant current or constant voltage.

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Multivoltage battery charger

El MVD is a universal battery charger with the most advance technology for battery formation, conditioning testing and desulfatation.

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