Fluke BT520 - Battery tester

Model: BT520

Producer: Fluke

Country of origin: USA

Suitable for use with backup and stationary batteries. Smart test probe included.Enhanced version of the Fluke BT510

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Key features

Suitable for use in the testing of stationary batteries and battery back-up systems of all types
Tests resistance, battery voltage (AC/DC), ripple voltage and frequency.
Optimised user interface with guided configuration and audio-visual feedback signals
Use the included battery logging software to analyse results and create reports.
Powered by rechargeable batteries
USB port for downloading to PC


The Fluke BT520 is an enhanced version of the Fluke BT510 battery analyzer that incorporates additional functionality and extra accessories.

Made for use with stationary and backup battery systems of all types, the BT520 allows the user to see what is happening inside a battery and can test voltage, resistance and ripple voltage with a high degree of accuracy. By using the included smart test probe, a sequence measurement mode can also be used for automatic or manual sequential testing of the battery string.

This Fluke battery analyser is the first model in the series to come with the Smart Test Probe, an accessory that includes its own built-in LCD display, built-in torch, verbal audio accompaniment and even has a built-in save button for quick and easy storage in the analyser's memory.

When testing, the BT520 makes it significantly easier to set up test procedures by guiding the user through how to set up and perform the test. It also includes around 999 internal log memory and is fully downloadable to PC for further interaction with test data using the included Fluke software package.


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