Multivoltage battery charger

Designed for laboratory use of batteries and industrial applications the MVD charger is a high-frequency charger with the possibility to program the battery charging curve. Allowing the user to adjust the chargin curve.

Model: Cargador multitensión

Producer: Bassi

Country of origin: Italy

El MVD is a universal battery charger with the most advance technology for battery formation, conditioning testing and desulfatation.

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Key features

The Most Energy Efficient technology available
Very Reliable design, easy maintenance.
True Universal Charging capability: Multi-Voltage, Multi-Capacity, Multi-Chemistry, from single cell to full battery packs.
Full set of standard charging curves factory programmed.
Possibility to Create and Save Customized Charging curves of any type.
Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft-start, battery polarity reversal, output short circuit and over-temperature).
Very quiet operation.
Battery voltage/temperature compensation (battery temperature probe required).
Anti-Arcing protection (auxiliary wires required.


The MVD is a universal battery charger, digitally controlled and programmable. It can operate with batteries of any type, from individual cells to complete packs, and it can be programmed to support applications of any type (Formation, Conditioning, Recovery, Desulfation and Regeneration). It is based on a new power conversion technology, featuring an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor (PFC), universal capabilities and precise charge control.

The MVD features a very complete set of charging curves, and the user can complete it by programming new ones, following a very simple procedure. Thanks to the ultra-filtered output current, this charger ensures a minimal temperature rise in the battery during the recharge process. Moreover, the MVD is suitable to charge battery types that require perfectly constant current and virtually zero ripple. The MVD is equipped with alphanumeric display & keyboard, Charge History Logger, Programmable Real-Time Clock and Calendar, Audible Alarm and Connectivity package, compatible with wireless Battery Identification Modules.

AC Input
Standard Voltages
Single-Phase 220-230-240 Vca ± 10%
Three-phase: 220-240, 400, 440, 480, 600 Vca ± 10%
Frequencies 50/60 Hz ± 5 Hz
Power Factor
DC Output
Standard battery voltages
From one cell to 40 cells – (Custom made max. Output to 600 Vdc available
Current ranges
De 50 a 300A.
Chargin Curve
User configurable
Wrong battery and or reverse polarity
If the battery voltage is outside the acceptable limits, or the polarity is reversed, the charger remains in stand-by mode and gives error/warning message.
Electronic overload
Complete protection against output short circuit or overload.
With auxiliary wires: Full anti-arcing protection in case of battery disconnection while charge in progress.
Power On Self Test
Automatic safe 10 seconds self-test when powered, if fault, unit remains in standby mode and gives error message.
Ac Input Power failure
Unit will restart where it stopped with a soft start parameter to avoid rush.
Automatic Shutdown
If battery disconnected during charge process, charger turns off and save this specific data in charge history log.
Safety Timer
Independent safety timer shuts down the charger in case of malfunction of the main control unit.
Mechanical and Enviromental
Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
Cabinet A: 500 x 440 x 900 H (mm), 19.68 x 17.33 x 35.45 H(in).
Cabinet B: 620 x 550 x 1050 H (mm), 24.40 x 21.65 x 41.34 H (in).
Enclosure Type
Forced ventilation with active fan control.
Audible Noise
<65 dBA at 1 meter.
Environmental Protection
IP21(Standard), IP54(Optional)
Ambient Temperature
Operation -10 / +50 °C
Storage: -20 / +70 °C
<2000m Range in accordance with standard: EN62040-3
User interface and conectivity
User interface
Alphanumeric LDC display, LEDs, 3 button keys and audible alarm.
Compatible with Bassi Wireless battery identification module (BMOD)
Integrated data logger (min. 200 cycles)
Extended data logger (600 cycles) with USB port (optional)
Wireless Card (optional).
ISO 9001:2008
IEC EN 61000-6-2, IEC EN 61000-6-4
Test and performance
IEC EN 62050-3
IEC EN 50178, IEC EN 62040-1
North American Standrds
UL 1564 “Industrial battery chargers”
CSA 22.2 107.2-01 “Battery chargers”
cCSAus Listed
Standard models
Output voltage range:#2-75V#2-75V#2-150V#2-150V#2-150V#50-300V50-600V
Current output range#100A#200A#50A#100A#200A#100A#50A
Maximum output power#6kW#12kW#12kW#16kW#24kW#30kW #30kW
Cabinet type#A#A#A#A#B#B#B

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