Megger MIT1525 - 15kV d.c. diagnostic insulation resistance test

Valid to measuring insulation resistance to to 30 TΩ, MIT1525 offers various diagnostic test up to 15kV with a +/- 5% accuracy.

Model: MIT1525

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Megger´s new range of d.c, insulation tester MIT1525 performs insulation resistance test up to 15 kV with a 30 TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5 % from 1 MΩ up to 3 TΩ.

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Key features

Measures up to 30 TΩ
Safety rated up to CAT IV 1000 V to 3000 m
Unique dual-case design - additional user protection
Operates from battery or a.c. mains supply
Rapid charge Li-ion battery
Advanced memory with time / date stamp


The Megger MIT1525 completes Megger’s high voltage range of MIT insulation resistance testers. Outputting voltages of up to 15kV, the MIT1525 can produce a resistance value up to a massive 30TΩ in addition to timed testing, polarisation index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR), step voltage, dielectric discharge and ramp testing.

The instrument can also test in step voltages which is necessary to ensure that insulation and cables within an installation can withstand the normal day-to-day voltage spikes that, perhaps, a motor typically sees during operation. If a DC Step-Voltage Test is not performed, the operator cannot be assured that a motor will start and operate without failing in service. The MIT1525 can output in 25V steps between 1kV and 5kV and 50V steps between 5kV and 15kV.

Test results can be stored within an advanced internal memory complete with time/date stamping; results can be recalled at a later date for analysis on screen. Although the internal memory allows for five and a half hours of measurements taken at five second intervals, they can also be viewed in live-time should the insulation resistance tester be connected to a PC/Laptop via USB running the supplied Megger PowerDB Lite software package.

Simplistic operation is ensured with two rotary switches and a large, back-lit display which enables resistance, voltage, leakage current, capacitance, battery level and test time to be displayed simultaneously.

The MIT1525 features a dual case design which protects the unit from knocks and drops, but it also fire retardant. When the instrument lid is closed, the seal also offers moisture and dust ingress protection rated to IP65. The MIT1525 is supplied with a calibration certificate as standard.


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