15kV d.c. diagnostic insulation resistance test

Valid to measuring insulation resistance to to 30 TΩ, MIT1525 offers various diagnostic test up to 15kV with a +/- 5% accuracy.

Model: MIT1525

Producer: Megger

country of origin: United Kingdom

Megger´s new range of d.c, insulation tester MIT1525 is targeted at original equipment manufacturers and industrial company being the top of the range performing insulation resistance test up to 15 kV with a 30 TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5 % from 1 MΩ up to 3 TΩ.

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Key features

Measures up to 30 TΩ
Safety rated up to CAT IV 1000 V to 3000 m
Unique dual-case design - additional user protection
Operates from battery or a.c. mains supply
Rapid charge Li-ion battery
Advanced memory with time / date stamp


Safety rating is not compromised on the MIT range with all terminals safety rated to CAT IV 1000 V to 3000 m (15 kV). A range of 5 kV and 10 kV test leads are available plus dedicated 15 kV test leads, which are double insulated with clips designed for 15 kV creepage paths.
The 15 kV leads are supplied in a holdall. Suitably rated HV gloves and other personal protection equipment are required to be worn when testing.The MIT range share dual case design, which includes a tough outer case to protect the tester from knocks/drops and an inner fire retardant case. The IP rating is IP65 case closed eliminating moisture and dust ingress.An intuitive user interface ensures no lost time remembering how to use the tester. Simplicity of operation is achieved with two rotary switches and the large backlight display which enables multiple results to be shown simultaneously. A graphical Quick Start Guide is provided inside the lid to assist first time users.Five preset voltage ranges are provided in insulation test mode, plus a user settable lock voltage range. Preconfigured diagnostic tests include Polarisation Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Dielectric Discharge (DD),Stepped Voltage (SV) and Ramp Test.

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