ISA CBA 3000 - Circuit breaker anlyzer

CBA 3000 allows any timing test, motion and speed analysis, multiple contemporary static and dynamic contact resistance measurements, both sides grounded (BSG) tests, undervoltage condition test and more.

Model: CBA 3000

Producer: ISA

Country of origin: Italy

CBA 3000 is the ultimate all-in-one switch analyzer - safer, faster and more accurate.

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Key features

Faster: one single connection set up to perform automatically all possible Circuit Breaker tests
Safer: Both Sides Grounded feature without any additional external boxes/modules
Up to 6 static and dynamic contact resistance measurement – 200A DC output each
Three phase first trip measurement
16 or 24 fully user configurable Main/PIR and auxiliary input contacts
2, 4 or 6 Open / Close coil commands
3 analog linear/rotary transducers and 3 digital transducers inputs for travel/speed analysis
8 analog input measurements: battery voltage, motor current, pressure transducers and other measurements
Minimum voltage trip coil test, fully automatic
On-screen control and test results evaluation
TDMS software suite for analysis, archiving and test report creation
Library of standard test plans available with the test sets


The ultimate all-in-one circuit breaker analyzer: safer, faster and more accurate than ever. It allows any timing test, motion and speed analysis, multiple contemporary static and dynamic contact resistance measurements, Both Sides Grounded (BSG) tests, undervoltage condition test and more. All these functions are integrated in a single lightweight device, without the need of connecting additional external modules.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer allows the off-line testing of MV and HV circuit breakers. The test set measures circuit breaker operation times as they are defined in the IEC standard 62271-100.

CBA 3000 is also up to six breaks micro-ohmmeter. It allows measuring the Static Contact Resistance (SCRM) of the circuit breaker contact and the Dynamic Contact Resistance (DCRM), that is how the breaker contacts resistances change while the breaker is closing or opening. This leads detecting hidden defects, that are otherwise impossible to be diagnosed.

  • Test set control: via large 7 “ colour display. In this way it’s possible to select the test plan, perform all tests, analyze the results, zoom in and out the graph. A number of function keys and keypad, plus selection encoder, give full control of the test set. USB and Ethernet interface for communication with the PC are provided. Capability to transfer results directly to an USB pen drive. Huge recording capability: more than 256 Mbytes (typically 1000 results).
  • All possible Test Plans are programmable. A Test Plan Editor is available and a Test Plan Library is supplied with the test set. The selected test plan includes all the operations that must be executed on a circuit breaker: Timing, Travel, Motor Current and Static and Dynamic Contact Resistance tests.
  • 16 contact inputs (optionally 24) totally configurable. Each contact can be programmed as main breaker contact / PIR (Pre Insertion Resistor) or Auxiliary Contact. In this way it’s possible to verify a breaker with up to 8 breaks per phase. If a contact is programmed as Main, the measurement of the time delay it is provided as well as the value of the Pre Insertion Resistor (optionally).
  • Two, four or six coil (Open / Close) commandsare available, in order to control each phase (Open or Close) independently. Three different current ranges can be used to measure the coil current of each circuit.
  • Up to three micro-ohmmeters, equipped with high current generators up to 200 A (each), are available in order to perform up to six static and dynamic resistance measurements of a breaker contact at the same time. • Safe test with Both Sides Grounded: CBA 3000 can perform Both Sides Grounded test ( BSG ) of a breaker, measuring the main contacts timing even if both ends of the CB are connected to ground in order to enhance the safety.
  • Eight analog input measurement circuits totally configurable. Every input can be configured as :. generic AC or DC analog input up to 300V AC (or 420 V DC peak) for measuring standby battery or motor supply. low voltage measurement for motion analysis with transducers . low voltage measurement for pressure transducers . very low voltage measurement for current clamps with voltage output . very low voltage measurement for micro-ohmmeter function. generic voltage input for other purposes
    • One auxiliary relay output, programmable.
    • Optional external thermal printer, 112 mm paper wide.
    • Optional internal thermal printer, 58 mm paper wide.
  • Optional Minimum Voltage Trip coil module to verify the functionality of the coil commands circuitry when under voltage supplied. TDMS software test suite included. TDMS allows to execute tests, analyze test results, add notes, save into a database, create a test report and create, store and recall Test Plans.CBA 3000 is housed in a transportable aluminium box, that is provided with a cover and handles for a compfortable transportation

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