Megger DET14C - Earth Resistance Clamp Tester

Model: DET14C

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Measures true RMS ground leakage current from 0.5 mA rms to 35 A rms.Measures ground resistance from 0.05 Ω to1500 Ω.CAT IV 600 V safety rating

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Key features

Measures Ground Resistance from 0.05Ω to 1500Ω
Measures True RMS Ground Leakage current from 0.5mA to 35A
Elliptical clamp shape to improve access
Jaw size up to 37mm on earth cables and 50mm for earth straps
Automatic self calibration
Auto ranging
High and low alarms
Memory storage of 256 records
Backlit LCD display
Indication of high noise content that may effect readings
Hold function for difficult to reach installations
Over current protected
Warning of jaws open to ensure accuracy
On-board storage of test results
Calibration check loop for piece of mind
Sturdy carry case contains complete kit
Auto power off (configurable)


The Megger DET14C induces a test current into earth systems and measures ground resistance in mulit-ground installations without the need to disconnect the ground. The Megger earth resistance clamp meter is a useful addition to the more traditional methods of earth resistance measurement that may require disconnection or additional stakes and can be used to measure ground resistance in multiple loop installations without disconnecting the earth. This technique offers fast earth testing in total safety with the added convenience of having a single point of measurement to read earth resistance. This Megger earth clamp tester also provides a True RMS current measurement facility up to 35 Amps, allowing measurement of earth currents and giving an indication of potential measurement problems and a useful overview of the general earth system dynamics.

The new Megger DET14C has been designed with flat core ends that ensure measurement integrity and offer improved reliabilty and long term accuracy. They are easy to clean and eliminate the risk of easily bent interlocking teeth often found in earth resistance clamp meters. A built-in filter function offers increased noise immunity. The elliptical shaped clamp design provides greater access to cables and earth straps particularly in confined locations. The clamp head accommodates cables up to 37mm in diameter and flat earth tapes that are up to 50mm wide. Making this earth resistance clamp tester ideal for use in power stations, substations and towers. The DET 14C clamp tester is particularly suitable for measuring earth resistance in various installations such as buildings, pylons and RF transmitter sites. It can also be used for the inspection and verification of lightening protection systems.

The unit is rugged, compact and has configurable audible alarms. Additional features include a configurable auto shutdown, data storage, self-calibration on power up and a calibration loop - all contained in a sturdy carry case.

Megger DET14C Technical Specifications

Resistance Measurements

Ground Resistance Range
Intrinsic Certainty
0.05 to 0.99Ω
±1.5% ± 0.05Ω
1.00 to 9.99Ω
±1.5% ± 0.1Ω
10.0 to 99.9Ω
±2% ± 0.5%
100.0 to 199.9Ω
±5% ±1Ω
200 to 400Ω
±10% ±10Ω
400 to 600Ω
±10% ± 10Ω
600 to 1200Ω
1200 to 1500Ω
Alarm Settings
Alarm Type
Threshold 1
1 to 1500Ω
Threshold 2
1 to 1500Ω
Current Measurements (RMS)
Current Range
Intrinsic Certainty
0.5mA to 0.99mA
±2% ± 0.05mA
1.00 to 9.99mA
±2% ± 0.05mA
10.0 to 99.9mA
±2% ± 0.1mA
100 to 999mA
±2% ± 1mA
1 to 9.99A
±2% ± 0.01A
10 to 35A
±2% ± 0.1A
True RMS readings up to a crest factor of 5.0 (peak current of 40A)
Accuracy guaranteed for 50Hz and 60Hz
Measurement over the range 16Hz to 400Hz
Maximum current is 100A RMS continuous and 200A RMS for 60s max at 50Hz and 60Hz
General Specs
Maximum Jaw Opening
Maximum Jaw Inner Dimensions
39mm x 55mm
Display Type
4 + 6 digit with backlight
Battery Type
4 x 1.5V IEC LR6/AA alkaline
Battery Life
24 hours continuous testing
Auto Power Down
300s (reset by jaw action or button press)
2000 records
Range Selection
Automatic within each mode
Sample Time
Hold Function
Yes with visual indicator
Alarm Function
Yes with visual indicator
Warning Buzzer
Operating Temperature and Humidity
-20 to 50°C, <85% RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity
-40 to 60°C, <75% RH
Instrument Dimensions
248 x 114mm x 49mm (L x W x H)
IP Rating
IP30 with jaws closed
IEC 61557-5
IEC 61557-13 Class 1
EN 61010-2-032
Pollution degree 2
Class B compliant, IEC 61326,
BSEN 61326

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