Megger DET4TC2 - Digital Earth Tester

Model: DET4TC2

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Enhances capabilities with clamps for ART and stake-less .Features Megger DET4TC2 Earth Tester as primary instrument. Includes additional professional ground testing kit

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The Megger DET4TC2 Digital Earth Tester combines comprehensive ground-testing capabilities with simple operation and user friendly functions. It is part of the Megger DET4 range and offers two-, three- and four-pole testing; leakage current measurement; and ground noise voltage assessment. The user has a choice of test voltages at 25V and 50V with a range of different frequencies as well as three different current outputs so the user can perform extremely comprehensive testing using only this instrument.

The Megger DET4TC2 is extremely user-friendly and can be easily operated with gloves on thanks to its large dial switch and big push buttons. There is no need to introduce a shorting link when performing two-pole testing and it is easy to switch between different voltage, current and frequency outputs. Results are easily legible on the instrument’s large, backlit screen.

The impressive measurement ranges include 0.01Ω to 200kΩ for resistance, 1V to 100V for ground noise voltage, and 1mA to 20A for ground current. The Megger DET4TC2 can still give accurate results in noisy voltage environments as it can negate interference of up to 40V peak to peak whilst the user can select a frequency to limit other interference.

The Megger DET4TC2 runs from eight AA batteries and is safety-rated as Cat IV up to 100V as well as meeting all relevant standards. Overall, it meets all ground-testing requirements and is also distinguished by its accuracy in noisy environments. The standalone product comes with a calibration certificate, a hard carry case, a stake and wire kit (15m, 10m, 10m, 3m), and right-angle terminal adapters.

The additional ICLAMP allows attached rod technique (ART) testing whilst the VCLAMP attachment allows stake-less measurement for situations where driving in stakes is impractical. For these additional clamps and a professional ground-testing set, you may wish to consider the Megger DET4TC2 Professional Earth Testing Kit.

Megger DET4TC4 Earth Tester Specification
Ingress Protection
C Stake, P Stake and Noise Checks
Noise Rejection
40V peak to peak
2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire tests
Yes with no shorting links required
No disconnect testing (ART)
Yes, with ICLAMP
Stakeless Measurements
Yes, with ICLAMP and VCLAMP
Instrument Output
Voltage: ±25 V or ±50 V at 94 Hz, 105 Hz, 111 Hz and 128 Hz
Current: 4.5 mA or 0.45 mA or 0.045 mA
Ground Current Range with Clamp
0.5 mA to 19.9 A
Ground Current Accuracy
5% ±3 digits
Ground Voltage Range
0 to 100V AC
Ground Voltage Accuracy
2% ±2 V
Resistance Range
0.01 Ω to 200 kΩ
Resistance Accuracy
2P measurements: 2% ±3 digits
3P measurements: 2% ±3 digits
4P measurements: 2% ±3 digits
ART measurements: 5% ±3 digits
Stakeless measurements: 7% ±3 digits
Maximum Probe Resistance
Rp limit: 200 kΩ (50 V output voltage)
Rc limit: 200 kΩ (50 V output voltage)
Limits reduced to 100 kΩ for 25 V output voltage
Limits reduced to 5 kΩ for 0.01 Ω resolution
31⁄2 digit high contrast liquid crystal, backlit
Battery Type
DET4TC2: 8 off AA (LR6) cells
DET4TCR2: 8 off AA (LR6) NiMH rechargeable cells
Operating Temperature Range
-15 °C to +55 °C / 5 °F to 131 °F
Storage Temperature Range
-40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to 158 °F
Complies with the requirements of IEC 61010-1 100V CAT IV
between terminal pairs
In accordance with IEC61326-1
Standards Compliance
Complies with the requirements of KEMA K85B
Complies with the following parts of EN61557, “Electrical safety in low voltage distribution systems
up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c. - Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures”.
Part 1 - General requirements
Part 5 - Resistance to earth
203 mm x 148 mm x 78 mm (8 in x 5.8 in x 3 in)
1kg (2.2lb)

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