Megger MFT 1825 - Multifunction tester 500/1000V

Model: MFT 1825

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

This series offers safety input protection on all terminals and warns the user of any dangerous voltages, in both single-phase and three-phase circuits. With insulation measurement from 250, 500V, to 1000V. counting on all the necessary measures to accredit low voltage installations: insulation, continuity and resistance, loop impedance, differential measurement and earths.

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The Megger MFT1825 multifunction equipment is suitable for maintenance and certification of single-phase and three-phase electrical installations in accordance with the REBT.

Capable of performing loop impedance tests, confirming phase sequeccincais and testing three-phase differential interrupts the MFT1825 Megger is ideal for certifying three-phase electrical installations. In addition the MFT1825 is among the handful of special category B dfierencial testing layer testers conmunmente employed for temporary generator protections and other CC installations.

The MFT1825 can store a "Z-ref" value (Ze measurement), calculating and displaying an R1 + R2 reading after performing a Zs test. However, this feature should be reserved to confirm that a previously recorded R1 + R2 continuity value is actually correct, having energized the circuit for live testing.

Two rotary dials provide an easy-to-use means of operating the instrument, with the primary and secondary test settings color-coded, reducing the chance of selecting an incorrect function or range. Test results are displayed on a large, dual-format, crystalline screen that can be viewed even from the sharpest angles.

Designed for ease of use in harsher environments, the instruments in Megger's MFT range of multifunction testers are coated in sturdy rubber, improving grip and providing additional shock protection in the event of impact. All models in the range include a "test" and "lock" button on each side of the instrument for right-handed and left-handed users alike, as well as having an IP54 rating that provides protection against entry in poor conditions.

Megger's MFT1825 multifunction tester can be used to perform the following tests:

  1. Continuity: 15 mA test for inductive loads and a 200 mA test suitable for R1 + R2 and R2 tests with adjustable buzzer threshold.
  2. Insulation resistance: 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V tests with adjustable buzzer threshold.
  3. Loop Impedance: 2- and 3-wire test options with a patented anti-trip system in 2- and 3-wire test configurations. PSCC/PFC are displayed in conjunction with the result of the loop test. It also performs line-by-line testing suitable for three-phase installations
  4. Differential test: Ramp, manual (0.5x, 1x, 5x) or automatic test 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000mA AC, A, S, programmable, Type B and three-phase RCD.
  5. TRMS voltage: accurately measures supply voltage and frequency and fas rotation


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