Megger MFT 1845+ - Multifunction Tester for EVSE Testing

The MFT1845 + multifunction tester is an instrument specially designed for authorized electrical installation companies, so that they can perform all the verifications set, in industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations


Model: MFT1845+

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Special version for EVSE Testing using 6mA DC charge point test, all previous sister produducts features are included.

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Megger MFT1845+ multifunction tester

The Megger MFT1845+ multifunction tester is an improved version of the popular Megger MFT1845, capable of fully automatically testing 6mA DC differentials. This makes it the perfect all-in-one solution not only for testing low-voltage domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations, but in addition to the MFT1845 standard the MFT1845+ also tests electric vehicle charging stations (ECVE) in compliance with the ITC-52.

When differentials do not allow traditional high-current loop testing, both the MFT1845 and MFT1845+ Megger feature advanced loop testing technology, enabling extremely accurate anti-trip loop test measurements. When electrical noise and harmonics typically distort a loop impedance measurement (providing inaccurate test results), both MFT1845 models detect and compensate for interference, providing continuously stable measurements.

In addition, a patented 'Confidence Meter' above the loop impedance measurement is displayed on the display of the MFT1845 and MFT1845+ megger. Represented by an ARC screen, the indicator demonstrates how reliable the measurement of the loop test is, decreasing the requirement for repeated tests.

When performing a loop test on a circuit protected by a differential switch (most circuits in domestic installations), it is common to experience high-loop impedance readings due to the resistance of the coil inside the differential switch. The MFT1845 and MFT1845+ Megger feature technology that eliminates the effects of differential switch impedance, providing accurate measurement.

The Megger MFT1845+ can perform a full range of tests for new and existing electrical installations.  For 'dead tests', continuity can be measured at 15mA or 200mA, and insulation resistance tests can be performed at 100V, 250V, 500V or 1kV.  In addition, the MFT1845+ can also carry out ground resistance measurements, including pike-free and ART-free test methods.

For live testing, the MFT1845+ can safely perform line-to-line testing, accurately perform 2- and 3-wire anti-tripping loop tests, showing the reliability of the test on an ARC trust meter.  In addition, you can automatically test DC/high frequency current RCDs of type A, A, S, and B and measure phase sequence for three-phase systems.

All measurements are displayed on a backlit LCD display in analog and digital formats, while feature selection is facilitated with two color-coded rotating spheres. The MFT1845+ can store the results in its internal memory which can be downloaded later using the supplied 'Megger Download Manager' software utility.   Data transfer can be carried out between the tester and a third-party device using Bluetooth connectivity.

The Megger MFT1845+ is designed robustly, with a rubber protective housing that provides the tester with shock protection, while also being rated IP54.   A full range of standard accessories including three test cables, probes, crocodile clips, network plug test cable, remote rest probe, calibration certificate and carrying case are included as standard

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