Metrel MI 3295 - Step Contact Voltage measuring 50A

Model: MI 3295

Producer: Metrel

Country of origin: Slovenia

A voltage measuring system for testing and verification of protective earthing of power stations, substation and other power systems.

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Key features

Highly accurate results thanks to effective suppression of noise and immunity against changing earth currents
High safety due to a low output voltage (55 V)
Autonomous Step Voltage meter means no need for long voltage leads
Low weight
Measurement of step voltage and contact voltage – Also known as “step and touch voltage tests” ideal for high voltage transmission systems, fences around substations and other critical locations to ensure the safety of people and animals surrounding the a
Measurement of earthing resistance with a resolution of 1 mO
Measurement of specific earth resistance


The Metrel MI3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System enables the testing and verification of protective earthing in power stations, substations and other power systems by measuring step voltage, contact voltage and earth resistance. Some of the safety tests performed are often called "Step and Touch Testing"

The Metrel MI3295 is one of the smallest all in one voltage measuring systems including a powerful station for generating current up to 55A, special technology designed to eliminate earth noise current and an autonomous voltage meter that removes the need for long test leads. High test current and effective noise cancellation allow the MI3295 to produce highly accurate and stable measurements of step and contact voltages with resolution down to 10milliVolts.

Utilising a SELV voltage of only 55V to perform tests, the Metrel MI3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System is extremely safe to use.

Test results and parameters can be saved into the instrument’s memory for further reference, downloading, analysis and test report printing using the supplied HVLink Pro software.

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